Spring 2014 Mix

Download my new DJ mix! Bright, melodic and funky springtime selections perfect for the season.

Mogadishu – Shades and Rays
Miss Cheesecake – You Must Create (Faze Action Remix)
Glass Slipper – Surge
Audiosoul – White Dog (Warren Paul Remix)
Xander Milne, Abstrakt Audio – I Know You
Volta Cab – Native Talk (Black Magic Disco Remix)
Tears of Velva – The Way I Feel
Tony Momrelle – What You Waitin’ For (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Romanthony – Trust (Audiojack Retrospective)
Tom Budden – Flying Feather
Mor Elian – U Don’t Know (feat. Will Sabatini)
Aartekt – You & Me (Matt Prehn Remix)
Daughter – Get Lucky (Shadow Child VIP)

New Vocal House Project!

Brad and Lisa
I’m currently producing new tracks with the amazing vocalist Lisa Cork-Twiss. Lisa was a member of the hugely successful Real McCoy in the 90′s, and after many years abroad she settled down here in Austin. We’ve finished six tracks which we’ll soon be shopping to labels we like. I can’t wait for people to hear our stuff!

“Get Next to You” by Movable

Get Next To You
I’m happy to announce my new release on Tarantic Records as Movable!

Tarantic Records is back with a whopping five-track release from Movable (Marianne Potje a.k.a. Marianimal and Brad Eller a.k.a. BradElectro). Originally from Chicago and St. Louis, Marianne and Brad draw upon the black urban sounds of their hometowns, while mixing in the pop sensibilities that come naturally to them. The ex-lovers-turned-friends first worked together as Duo Electro, an all-hardware live PA that helped rock the San Franscisco underground dance scene in the early-00s. Get Next To You is a flirtatious cut about the kind of person you’re drawn to over and over, every time you see them or talk to them, even when they’re with someone else. We understand, some obsessions are hard to give up. Thankfully, our love affair with Movable has only just begun. The first remix is by Temple SF resident jAswhO?, who delivers a trademark energetic bassline, addictive synth riffs and a screaming lead masterfully played alongside the vocals of the original. Alsoul lends his native Chicago sensibility to the mix with seductive pads, funky sequences and snappy percussion. BradElectros dub is quite faithful to the original- only stripping the vocal and adding reverb because as he states: a dub is a dub, it aint a remix. Finally, Los Angeles-based musician burntSpaghetti brings us home with a pleasantly unexpected dark, cinematic downtempo mix that features his masterful Spanish guitar work.

Underground House Music Producer & DJ