Our New Record – Universal Love Vibe!

Whiskey Pickle Records is proud to welcome Austin-based vocal house duo Glass Slipper to their ever-impressive roster of artists. Comprised of producer BradElectro and former Real McCoy vocalist Lisa Cork-Twiss, the pair create an infectious, bubbly sound that oozes sophistication and positive vibes.

The lead cut, “Universal Love Vibe”, is a groovy, pulsating house joint that is right at home in the 21st century yet channels the authentic sound of Chicago’s heyday with characteristically pumping bass. Nylon Trax bossman Jaymz Nylon drops in and creates an earth shattering, percussive remix that fulfills the original’s cosmic destiny with swirling synths. Meanwhile, Whiskey Pickle artist Zack Highwire takes listeners down a deep, dark wormhole into another dimension with spaced out, time warped effects.

“Caught Up” is a welcome addition to the package and showcases the exceptional talents of the duo. Skittering percussion and a choppy bass line swing confidently while Lisa’s soulful voice laments over tumultuous relationships. London’s own Black Magic Disco injects his signature garage-infused sound into his remix with a torrent of chord stabs. Johnny Blackouts then drops the tempo for his swerving DWI Dub, an arresting remake that’ll send the party grooving with the fuzz down at the precinct.

Universal Love Vibe releases on October 13th, 2014.

Spring 2014 Mix

Download my new DJ mix! Bright, melodic and funky springtime selections perfect for the season.

Mogadishu – Shades and Rays
Miss Cheesecake – You Must Create (Faze Action Remix)
Glass Slipper – Surge
Audiosoul – White Dog (Warren Paul Remix)
Xander Milne, Abstrakt Audio – I Know You
Volta Cab – Native Talk (Black Magic Disco Remix)
Tears of Velva – The Way I Feel
Tony Momrelle – What You Waitin’ For (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Romanthony – Trust (Audiojack Retrospective)
Tom Budden – Flying Feather
Mor Elian – U Don’t Know (feat. Will Sabatini)
Aartekt – You & Me (Matt Prehn Remix)
Daughter – Get Lucky (Shadow Child VIP)

New Vocal House Project!

Brad and Lisa
I’m currently producing new tracks with the amazing vocalist Lisa Cork-Twiss. Lisa was a member of the hugely successful Real McCoy in the 90’s, and after many years abroad she settled down here in Austin. We’ve finished six tracks which we’ll soon be shopping to labels we like. I can’t wait for people to hear our stuff!

Underground House Music Producer & DJ